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Eminent company, providing high quality Pharmaceutical Ingredients such as Methyltetrahydrofuran, Bromoaniline, Fluoronaphthalene, Diisopropyl Azodicarboxylate, Cis-Anethol, Serinol, etc.

Ningbo Inno Pharmchem Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. Our cutting-edge pharmaceutical corporation performs R&D, manufacturing, and sales tasks to meet the market demands for Pharmaceutical Intermediates such as Cis-Anethol, Serinol, Bromoaniline, Fluoronaphthalene, Methyltetrahydrofuran, Diisopropyl Azodicarboxylate, etc.

With over 20 years of combined experience in R&D, production, management, and sales in both domestic and international markets, we smoothly run our operations. We are dedicated to building an integrated chemical service platform that is focused on delivering both high-quality and highly efficient solutions to both domestic and international clients.

We perform operations with a strong development strategy that is built on integrated resources, augmented by independent production and R&D. We warmly welcome collaboration with different R&D organisations, R&D employees, and production firms to get our quality pharma intermediates.

Laboratory in Ningbo

Our research and development division was founded in December 2011. In addition to having multiple fume hoods and a kilogramme laboratory, we have also bought 20L and 50L reactors for the initial pilot production. We have also enlisted outside assistance to set up a test plant in Henan Zhumadian and Anhui Anqing, while making collaborations with firms in Shandong Zibo and Jiangsu Changzhou to develop a sizable production facility for our goods.

Facilities in Shanxi

In Xinjiang County Longzhou Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Xinjiang County Coal Mine Park, Yuncheng, Shanxi, we have made a investment on a workshop in the end of 2017. Ten further reactors were planned, with the first phase of the reactors being 18* 000L~5000L. The factory has passed the audit from public listed company domestic and abroad, and the yearly contract output value is 40 million.

Shandong Facility

Our production base for meeting the market demands is in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, it helps in meeting the market demands for liquid rectification chemical goods. For many years, we have supplied products to many well-known businesses and publicly traded firms in the carcass sector. Furthermore, out prompt delivery schedule, sound production facility, quality focus, excellent service and certain products have helped us in securing 90% of the market.

Henan Province factory

2020 saw the construction of our state-of-the-art workshop in the province of Henan, with 50*2000L~5000L reactors. Here, we manufacture many reactions including conventional, cyanidation, and bromination reactions.


We have supplied our Pharmaceutical Intermediates such as Bromoaniline, Fluoronaphthalene, Methyltetrahydrofuran, Cis-Anethol, Serinol, Diisopropyl Azodicarboxylate, etc. to many renowned names of the market, including:m

  • Glenmark
  • Junye Pharma
  • Norchem
  • Xianju Pharma
  • Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical
  • Topfond Pharmaceutical